Bloody Morning

Bloody Morning

Morning came into the Benton’s house with no sign of forgiveness for the residents inside. It poured through the big windows by each room that seemed to be directly in sight from the bed so that there is no escape from the sun while trying to sleep. The only problem, each room was empty except one at the back of the one-story house  the master bedroom contained one occupant. John Benton, husband, and father, of the Benton family. John awoke like any other day even though yesterday’s events would turn a normal human into a blubbering pile of remorse, without any motivation to move or live. Continue reading “Bloody Morning”


A Day

This one is a little longer if you could read it though and give me feedback that would be wonderful. But if you don’t want to then don’t, I could care less.


I am awake, staring at the ceiling of my room, dark and unforgiving, my eyes adjust to the low light that comes from my right side, giving the dark room a greenish glow. Why am I up this early? The thought passes through my mind with a breeze of uneasiness of what is to come today, knowing fully what awaits me, and wishing it all away. Rolling over to my right reveals the only light blazing through my room, green and piercing as if the light is physically cutting into the darkness. 5:15 AM 15 minutes before my alarm will go off to remind me that responsibility is ahead and it will not wait. Continue reading “A Day”


Here is my first story mostly unedited, I may come back latter to spruce it up if it is just completely unreadable.

PS. It turned out a little darker than I thought it would. I didn’t change it though, to keep as much authenticity as possible.



The explosion is the last true sound that I hear, the sound seems to impact my entire body, like a big drum has just been hit, and my soul seems to take the impact. Continue reading “Death”