Here is my first story mostly unedited, I may come back latter to spruce it up if it is just completely unreadable.

PS. It turned out a little darker than I thought it would. I didn’t change it though, to keep as much authenticity as possible.



The explosion is the last true sound that I hear, the sound seems to impact my entire body, like a big drum has just been hit, and my soul seems to take the impact. The ear-splitting sound rips apart my eardrums, on account of the fact that the explosion of sound is coming from next to my head. The sound shatters the delicate bones that allow me to hear, causing a nauseous feeling, accompanied with a splitting headache that seems as if my head is being ripped in half. It doesn’t matter, in the next second, none of this will matter, in fact in the next 10th of a second, the 45 hollow tip ACP round will tear through my head like a piece of paper. As the bullet enters my head the copper lining will peel off at the entry point leaving a nice clean hole the size of my pointer finger, next the bullet will rip through my skin and smash through my skull sending fragments of my bone scattering and impaling different parts of my flesh. Another 10th of a second, the round will reach my brain, and at this point the hollow point round will start to separate. Sending steel chunks of metal hurtling through my mushy insides, tearing my head apart from the inside out. The small hyper velocity shards of metal will tear through my brain like small individual bullets, they will churn and rip apart my flesh, turning it into a paste, unrecognizable as a human brain. Eventually, all of these shards that have come off of the individual bullet like a blossoming flower will reach the other side of my head, crashing up against the other side of my skull, cracking through it, like cheap china. The pieces of the bullet will completely destroy the side of my head, taking almost half of my face with it. Instead of a nice clean entry wound the exit hole will take half of my cranium, sending fist fulls of brain matter and blood everywhere onto the wall beside me, painting it like some crude Jackson Pollock painting, seemingly random but not quite so. The mixtures of light and dark, red, blending with small unrecognizable chunks of flesh slowly dripping down the wall, one could almost say it is beautiful in its own way. What’s left inside my now slumped overhead will be a slosh of blood and brains slowly dripping out of my open skull. Blood will drain out of my ears, eyes, and nose, flowing down my chin, dripping onto my blood-soaked shirt, and finally join the already pooling blood at my lap. They say that in your last moments, you see your life flash before your eyes, that’s bullshit. What really happens is nothing, you just fucking die, that’s it, lights out, your consciousness and shit sense of self-worth dissolve into nothingness, and you as a human being ceases to exist. All you ever were fades away, and the faint idea of being you is gone, nothing is left but a pile of waste, that used to think they were special, now they’re just a piece of meat with no meaning whatsoever.



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