Morning came into the Benton’s house with no sign of forgiveness for the residents inside. It poured through the big windows by each room that seemed to be directly in sight from the bed so that there is no escape from the sun while trying to sleep. The only problem, each room was empty except one at the back of the one-story house  the master bedroom contained one occupant. John Benton, husband, and father, of the Benton family. John awoke like any other day even though yesterday’s events would turn a normal human into a blubbering pile of remorse, without any motivation to move or live. In fact, a normal human would most likely have ended their own life after just witnessing what had taken place the night before. Don’t confuse this though John is a normal person, well in the eyes of everyone else. John’s true self would be completely incomprehensible to a normal human like you. So for the sake of this story, I will try and show you the other side of a Johns personality, the side that he hides from everybody. First, I must get something straight. There is a difference between the types of crazed people, there are the psychopaths, the people that have no conscious, a psychopath can be hard to describe to an ordinary person considering nearly everything we do is decided on our own feelings, of which a psychopath feels none. Lucky John does not fall into this category, he falls under a much darker one, that of a sociopath, the difference the sociopath is no different from you and me in the way of feeling, they have a conscience but they choose to ignore it because they achieve pleasure out of whatever they decide to do. Now that you have a slight understanding of what kind of person John is, a little background might be in order to show you how long this problem has lasted. The Bensons are his fourth family and John is his fifth fake identity. Of course, the Bensons don’t know anything about that, well they didn’t. His actions proved rather quickly what kind of man he is. Now, shall we head back to the story? At 6:00 AM the light pulls John out of his dreams of the previous night. He jumps out of bed with an appearance of a man much younger than himself, in fact, every time he finished one of his projects, he always seemed to have more energy. Walking to the kitchen he looked around as he walked down the hallway recalling the screaming that almost defend him as he dragged them out of their rooms. Stepping into the kitchen and living room revealed the grizzly scene, the splatters of blood covering the walls and floor covering the windows giving the room a reddish tint as the early morning light crept in. Every surface was covered with some sort of wet dark red blood and the orange of dried blood now permanently embedded into the carpet. Walking past the kitchen John follows the three smears of blood that trail into the garage. Opening the door reveals four bodies three belonging to the Benton family, and one to a homeless man John had killed one day earlier. The teeth had been ripped out and buried and the homeless man’s fingers had been chopped off with garden shears, which laid still dripping in the corner. John proceeded to take gasoline and cover all four body with the fluid with a smile on his face. Once he had covered the body he trailed the gas inside. Once the can was empty John lit a match and dropped it onto the gas immediately igniting it and carrying the flame into the other rooms. John calmly stepped out the back door, out the back gate to his second car and drove off never thinking or looking back.


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