Monday morning brought grogginess, most likely due to the night time events and the lack of sleep he had received. John, went to his dresser to grab cloths, routing through his dresser next to the closet for socks, tearing up everything to find a pair that simply looked similar not caring if they matched. After finding all that he needed, grabbed the now bundle of closes for the day and walked to the bathroom across the hall. John jumped in the shower and mentally prepared for the day. Nothing else happened without a shower. John had figured this out during one of his down months. After a shower he was able the push himself through the rest of the day no matter how hard it got. Maybe it had something to due with the warm water, or the refreshing feel after you get out. Either way it helped unlike anything else. After stepping out, a wave of panic set in as his routine controlled brain immediately started to tell him that he was missing opening bell on the trading floor. John had to remind himself that he had taken the week off to prepare for his birthday, and finalize his monetary situation. After eighteen he would transfer into his own bank where his parents wouldn’t be partial owners. He wanted to have complete freedom and independence. He decided that he would take another ride up to the house after school, it was about two hours away on the highway, and took a good while to find the house considering he had no knowledge of the town. Walking down stairs revealed both parents already awake and ready to go.

“How’s it going.” his mom said in an upbeat tone, she always has such energy in the morning. John knew he related more to his father, not outspoken but not quite either. They both were able to control a room, their builds give off a commanding look with wide shoulders, callused hands, and a square jaw. His mother on the other hand, peaceful, kind, and compassionate. Which is where John’s own kindness came from. She had long blond hair, unlike John’s which is short and black, like his father’s. He had his mother’s eyes though, sharp and blue, able to stare down a bare if need be. John had his grandfather’s nose though, not to big or small, a slight ridge pea on the bridge of his nose and his nostrils looked as plain as can be. All in all he is not any looker although his high cheek bones and muscular build may suggest otherwise, but he was definitely not ugly. At least none of the girls thought so.

“Fine, just tired, I slept badly last night.” John responded, it came out more like a slur, obviously he wasn’t quite awake yet. But some breakfast should fix that.

“Sounds like it.” His mother said in a worrying tone.

“Are you sure you should go to school?” she continued.

“Yes I’m fine I was just up late doing some research for a new company, gramps and I are going to invest in.” This wasn’t false he had been up until midnight researching but for some reason he always kept the recurring dream to himself. So he sure as hell wasn’t going to open up about it now. He would just tell his therapist later.

After grabbing a quick bite to eat, just a piece of toast and some yogurt, he didn’t like to eat in the morning. He rushed out the door with his helmet in hand and opened up the garage door. It was possible to get into the garage from inside the house but John loved the slow opening door revealing his beauty of a street bike on the inside. It was straight black all carbon fiber, except for a neon design reading out ninja. A brand new Kawasaki ninja 2016. It had been an early 18th birthday gift from a combination of his grandparents and parents. They had always been hesitant about him riding bikes, but after two years of responsible driving they had at least warmed up to the idea. Of all his bikes before, nothing exited John as much as this bike. The power was insane, it took corners like a beast and over all was just fun to drive. Throwing on his small backpack containing only essentials, John jumped on his bike put on his white helmet and started the engine. It roared to life, in the early mornings before school he liked to ride on the empty roads, the wind against his skin felt good, and it always seemed to help clear his mind.

After a quick ride around town and driving down to the port to get a good view of the water. John headed to school. Pulling into the parking lot was always trouble. He would always got compliments for his bike by students, teachers or parents. Sometimes however some jealous kid might try and “accidentally” hit him just to damage his bike. He pulled into his spot, near the back of the parking lot right near the exit, so that once school got out he could get out fast. Pulling into the space saw the same few cars always parked in his row. A blue sedan, a big grey lifted truck, and a Nissan Z. The last of which belonged to one of his friends who often took to racing him, which never ended in victory for the Z. The truck belonged to some football dick who loved to take up two spaces but on the rare days that he parked in only one, the blue sedan would park there. It belonged to a girl, a girl with black long hair, a roundish face. She seemed to be around 5,10 which John liked, he didn’t much care for smaller girls that seemed helpless. This was in fact all John knew about her. She came to school exceptionally early, being the days when she did parked there no matter how early John seemed to arrive she always beat him. After school if he was fast enough he could catch a glimpse of her leaving though. He had asked around to see if anyone knew her or if they had her in one of their classes but most of his friends shared classes with him so he got nowhere. This mystery girl had fascinated him from the first day of school when he saw her standing up for a kid being bullied. The three dicks had cornered a freshman and were pestering him. Just as things were about to take a turn for the worst, she had stepped in and told them all to fuck off. Surprised and taken aback they had left with little resistance. Nevertheless John paid the three boys a visit and made sure they didn’t mess with the freshman again. It wasn’t that John was afraid of the confrontation, in fact he could hold himself fairly well in a fight, he simply hated dealing with people that needed to be the center of attention. Ever since that day he had been fascinated by her mysterious behavior, because instead of reaping the rewards and good-hearted nature of someone who just stopped a kid from being bullied she simply walked off, as if nothing had happened.

School went on as normal. Boring as ever, John had taken to sleeping in his sixth period class. Seeing as he rarely got enough sleep, and English was his worst subject. He and his teacher had come to a sort of conclusion that if he turned in his assignments on time then his teacher really didn’t care if he was awake in class at all. He especially didn’t care after he saw how much John was making out of class. Just like any other day, John started to drift off, finally accepting defeat, John lay his head down on his arms and slept.

At first darkness was all that could be seen or remembered, how ever you chose to view a dream. Do you really experience it or is it just a memory. Either way the room came back to him, a room unlike his own but still felt familiar. The same room from last nights dream. “Does that mean I’m in a dream now” The thought crossed John’s  mind with a whisper of disbelief. Just then standing in the doorway   John noticed the monster had come back, only this time its mouth was trying to open as if it wanted to talk. Backing away from the faceless monster John found his back against a wall. The thing kept getting closer and closer. Johns breath became ragged and chased. Looking into those pits of eyes was terrifying, the dark nothingness that stared back as if to see into his soul, made his skin crawl. The stitches on the mouth of the monster appeared to be holding tight enough to hold its mouth shut, but the creature was insistent. It wrenched its jaw down, in one last attempt to open up its mouth. Some of the thread snapped but most stayed solidly locked in the things bottom lip. So the wire just ripped through the things flesh on the top of its mouth. Carving straight pieces of flesh that hung from the upper lip or what was left from it. Blood poured from its mouth but to John’s surprise it did not scream. The thing opened its mouth wide revealing the same inescapable blackness that possessed the eyes, blood drained down from the upper lip of the monster. Raining down off its chin and down on to the ground where it pooled.

The thing walked closer to John, trying to talk, it would repeatedly open and close it’s mouth as if trying to communicate to John. Jolted from his sleep, John found himself completely disoriented and confused. Where was he? Where was that hideous thing? Only a couple of seconds later he came back to his senses. He was in class, looking up at the clock revealed the time at, holy shit 3:00 school got out at 2:22, why did no one wake him up. Just then he caught sight of someone, a girl his age. Long black hair, smooth face, slim and tall, but looked strong. Her eyes were green and forceful, she looked as if she new how to take care of herself. She was standing not two feet away for him looking rather perplexed at his state. He realized that he was sweating copiously, and had probably been talking in his sleep.

“Well you’re finally awake.” She stated in a sweet but edgy voice.

“”Umm…. who are you?” Was all that John could manage, his brain still not fully wrapped around reality, half expecting the monster to walk through the door.

“I’m new in this class. My teacher said that you just sleep in class sometimes due to your work. You looked like you were having a nightmare so I thought I would wake you up.” The girl looked like she could care less about John then an overflowing septic tank. Which contrasted with her sweet caring voice.

“Um thanks, ya it was a bad dream I get every now and then .” John responded as if nothing had happened hopefully able to keep this girl out of his business. He continued

“Look I have to go, thanks for waking me up, and welcome to the class.”’

“Hey My mother is a dream analyst so I know a lot about that stuff, talk to me some time I would love to know what kind of dream makes you look like that!” She said excitedly, her eyes lighting up.

“Sorry but that won’t happen, fuck, I probably won’t even tell my therapist about this one.” The words came out without thinking. Normally John kept to himself never really opening up truly to anyone, but he had just revealed so much about himself in about 3 minutes. Why did he feel so comfortable talking this girl. Well at any rate this has to stop, no more talking. He looked back at the girl who now eyed him with a sorrowful look, like a mother might give a child.

“Look I really got to go. Sorry if this got awkward.” Was the last thing he said to her as John picked up his bag and walked out of the classroom.


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