A Diverse nation. Colored in all different races. Accepting of all, and turns away no one. We shout to the rest of the world, “Look at our freedom!” These word are like our battle cry, we yell them conviction and certainty. We show off our perfect system, we tout around as the kings who will bring about success. Yet none of this is true which is so sad to say. We are slaves to our system. We reject people at our borders like the Jews and Syrian refugees. We have riots over race, cops scared to do their jobs, and nation with its citizens with their heads so far up their own asses that it has become so muddled people have accepted it as normal. Families raised on beliefs socially unacceptable saying fags burn the flag and Muslims are terrorist. As our nation grows politics has become a joke, in the age where those who have the most twitter followers can gloat about about how females belong in the kitchen, and simultaneously say that Mexican need to leave and support you in the poles. Yet most of us stand in the middle, questioning everything, looking at fine print in a charity service. Trust has all but vanished, common decency is dead. We look to the future wishing it all put to bed. But all the future hold is a world changed by social media, vehicle, you and me moving this planet closer to death one year at a time knowing we won’t be left with this problem but our children might be.


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