This will not be a blog for everyone, simply put this will just be a place for me to put short stories that I write somewhere on the internet. You can criticize them or do whatever you want, I don’t care. If you would like to help me improve because I am nowhere near an even acceptable level as a writer, all helpful comments will always be accepted.

Now why did I start this blog? Simply because I have hated writing all of my life. Since my first days dealing with writing in elementary school, I have hated it. It began as a personal hatred because of my inability to spell. I am not sure if I had some sort of mild dyslexia, or just couldn’t grasp the concept, but either way, two years of tutors, and embarrassments at school drove a pretty big wedge between myself and writing. Sharing my work in class was nightmarish and turning in an essay was even worse. Though not much has changed, since those days, I have come to enjoy simply writing down ideas, even if they come out incomplete and unreadable to anyone else. Being an overly shy human being I have never had the guts to show anything I have written to anyone else. So through the beauty of the internet, I feel that at least putting up the things I write onto the web to have them be scrutinized by every man, woman, and child could be good for me and maybe even help me further my writing skill.

How did all of this come about? Well in my junior year of high school, I finally accepted and made know a problem that I had been dealing with for 12 years of my life. Depression. Now I know how that sounds like I’m just begging for attention here, and it would be a lie to say that’s not partially true. If I didn’t want attention I wouldn’t have mentioned my depression at all. So feel what you like, but the only reason I really bring it up is to explain why a kid who hates everything about writing and hates talking about any sort of feelings that he has on the inside, started to write. Well simply put my therapist recommended it. He said I, “Had an active imagination.” and “That writing could help put my feelings on paper.” Whatever the fuck that means. Really it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that I started to write, and for some strange reason I liked it. So read, criticize, help to you hearts content. Any and all help would be appreciated to improve my writing.